Sundew Plant

The Sundew plant is aptly called `Krimibandha’ (krimi=insect; bandha=tie down) in many Indian languages. Most of the sundew plants have bright red leaves.These leaves attract prey – usually insects like ants, mosquitoes, bugs, etc. The leaves have hair-like tentacles that are tipped with a very sticky, viscous fluid in the form of tiny drops resembling dew which is an added attraction. This gives them their common name and they are sometimes also referred to as `adhesive traps’.


This liquid holds the insects once they have landed on the plant.


As the insect struggles to escape, the leaf bends inwards causing more of the tentacles armed with ‘dew drops’ come in contact with the prey. The prey so immobilised eventually dies. This done, the insect (except its outer shell) is digested and absorbed by the plant. There are several species of Sundew found distributed across the world, with India having its own share. In fact, they also occur on the outskirts of Bangalore where this one was photographed!

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