Fiddler Crab

“Look at these crabs – they have a large pink pincer!” exclaimed one of my friends with whom I was walking along a path along the waterside vegetation on the coast. “Could they be Fiddler Crabs?” was the thought that passed through my head when I heard the description. I looked through my binoculars and they were indeed the famous Fiddler Crabs! I had heard of Fiddler Crabs and their colourful pincers and had even seen some films of their spectacular displays. But this was the first time that I had a chance to see this for myself.


While still at a distance, we saw blobs of bright pink moving on the ground. But as we approached closer, they all disappeared – even as we were watching, they retreated quickly into their burrows! Having realised that movement was the cause for them to retreat into their burrows, I decided to stay put near one of the burrows hoping to a get a picture. Three-quarters of an hour of motionless wait passed; I had cramps in my legs. Finally, I got a few pictures of these pretty creatures. I am sharing one of them with all of you.

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