Bioluminescent fungi – a green glow

Night brings with it a sense of enigma. Darkness, and everything associated, is one such thing. This is more pronounced because of the fear instilled in us during our formative years. The familiar path that we tread with ease during daytime, under the cover of darkness, is full of ‘hurdles’ that often don’t physically exist. This primarily is due to our dependence on our vision. It also prevents us from exploring our environment under the night sky. For most urbanites who are used bright light even after sunset, it is a world that does not exist.

Imagine yourself in the midst of a dense forest with no torch to guide you along the path. The only available light is the faint glow of the night sky to vaguely light your path. Close your eyes for a long second. And, when you open your eyes, you see streaks of faint green glow on the forest floor. Look hard and you will see that some tree limbs around you have the same eerie glow. So much so that it sends a shiver down your spine.

Twigs on the forest floor - it looks like any other twig under normal light.


A recent attempt to better previous results at capturing this beautiful phenomenon.


Like the bioluminescent fungi, there are a lot of organisms that are best seen and appreciated under the cover of darkness. Resist the urge to switch on that torch. Step outside your comfort zone – at least once in a while. And enjoy what Nature has to offer.

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