Baccaurea courtallensis


Tropical evergreen forests of the southern Western Ghats are the home of this endangered, evergreen tree. The tree bears tiny crimson flowers on long stalks growing on the trunk of the tree (cauliflory). These stalks are arranged in clusters on the trunk. When in bloom the whole trunk appears red and is a beautiful sight. Fruits hang in clusters from the trunk of the tree. These are about 2.5 cm in diameter and are sour to taste. Elephants, tortoises and the lion-tailed Macaques feed on the fleshy fruits. People eat these fruits too.  These trees flower during the month of February and March and bears fruits are borne during May and June. In Kannada this tree is known as kolikuki. There are more than forty species of trees belonging to this genus Baccaurea occurring in India and southeast Asia. One of them has been brought into cultivation in Singapore.


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