Ant-mimic Spider

Spiders come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours. Some spiders use camouflage while others use bright colours for their survival viz. for protection from their predators and for finding food. And some others which use shape, mimic other elements in their environment. Those that mimic ants are very interesting. They have taken mimicry beyond just the appearance.


Ant-mimic spiders, apart from the superficial resemblance to ants, also behave like them. They walk about continuously like ants. They also hold and wave their first pair of legs deceptively like the antennae of ants. And use the other three pairs of legs to walk about. Some ant-mimic spiders even smell like the ants they resemble. By mimicking ants, they stand a very good chance of being overlooked. Behaving and resembling the distasteful or dangerous ants reduces the chances of being eaten by predators. In spite of the excellent mimicry, the ant-mimic spider uses silk to build a nest and when threatened, they use silk to escape. This character gives away the ant-mimic spider on close observation. These spiders are found in a variety of habitats ranging from the vicinity of residences to forested areas.


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